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Sunday 1st February, a day the four of us will never forget. At last we were going to get our '15 minutes of fame', by appearing on E4's 'The Salon'.

The day started as normal Sunday's do……hungover!! We were all in high spirits as we boarded the train, dressed in our finest cycling gear and smelling of stale beer (nice!!). Of course, the wine box we took with us had nothing to do it!!

Are we there yet?    No hangover at all!!!

On reaching the 'Trocadero' (where The Salon is filmed), Daz decided to turn into a Jekyll & Hyde character! From being 'Mr Confident' on the journey, Daz was a gibbering wreck while we waited to go into The Salon. "I need more wine, I need more wine!" he screamed in fear before having to be dragged into the studio!  Anyway, enough of the slating (although, I'm sure there's more to come!!)

As we entered the Salon waiting area, the lovely Michelle was waiting to greet us. We, on the other hand, did not seem as eager!!


  Hello Michelle      


Daz and Matt were having their legs waxed by Sarah, and Gooner and Cuz by Suzanne.

But before we could reach the safety (ha! ha!) of the waxing room, we had to pass the handsome bloke test. "They're not gay. Oooh, not for me!" was the response from John as we approached the Salon reception desk. Damn, failed again!



John's opinion (524kB)




Gooner and Daz were first up to endure the pain (sorry, pleasure!) of having their legs waxed, while Matt and Cuz waited patiently at the juice bar, waiting for any screams of pain! Daz was first to emerge, with a smug grin on his face. "Didn't hurt at all".


Were you lying to us Daz!?


Cry baby?Dazzlin's video (2.4MB)


Gooner on the other hand seemed to genuinely enjoy the experience, despite forgetting the surface football is played on. (No, it’s not cyber turf!)


Rip it harder!Gooner's video (1.5MB)

Now it was time for Cuz and Matt.

Cuz, being the hairiest of the four (in ALL areas), was slightly nervous at the thought of having the hairs ripped from his legs.  On hearing from Daz that ‘it didn’t hurt at all’ and that Gooner actually enjoyed it (sick man!), he felt more at ease.  The moral of the story…..don’t ever trust your mates!

Not the feetCuz's video (2.5MB)

Matt was the most apprehensive of us, especially as the camera adds ten pounds!  However, he appeared to be very calm on the outside, until entering the room of pain!


Please don't hurt meMatt's video (1.5MB)

Despite putting ourselves through extreme pain (sorry joy!), we were unable to make the highlights program on C4. 

Maybe we’ll have more luck next time.

NEXT TIME???!!!!

You can download the full video footage of ‘The Salon’ (big file 41.5MB approximately 24 minutes) here.

We hope you enjoy it, we did!