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Not a body built for cyclingNot really a member of the team as he has bottled out of actually attempting the challenge.  Instead, as he is a 'tefal head' or 'techie wierdo' as Dazzlin would describe it, he is developing the website you see before you.

Tim joined Gooner and Dazzlin on the 'Coast 2 Coast' ride last year and vowed never to be so stupid again.

Age: 29

Height: 5ft 7in

Weight: Less than the rest of the team.

Occupation: Controls Engineer

Interests: Not cycling, unless it has an engine attached.

Most likely to: Challenge Cuz to an eating competition, but lose.

Most likely not to:
Take part in this stupid challenge.

Have they finished yet?Tim plans to relax while the others are cycling around Britain.

You can reach Tim direct by e-mailing him at: