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Behind the bar againThis man needs every introduction, another seasoned campaigner who also completed the previously mentioned events, the ‘Tour du Peak’ and the Coast 2 Coast bike rides with Dazzlin and had sworn never to spend that much time in such close proximity to him again!! Fool!!! Commonly known as ‘Gooner’.

The most experienced cyclist in the bunch, but that counts for nothing if you can’t read a map!!

Age: 31

Height: 6ft 2in

Weight: Really should stop asking this question.  NO COMMENT!

Occupation: First Line Logistics Manager

Interests: Beer (see above picture), other beverages (see below picture), fine arts, opera and poetry.

Most likely to: Get lost in his own home.

Most likely not to:
Be able to find his way out of his own home!

To promote Gooner's sporting background, he'd like to show you his personally designed football kit.  As you can see he has signed it for posterity.











Where did I leave the car?Has the Sangria got the better of Gooner this time?

Mike Tyson's got nothing on meWho's nicked my punch bag?

You can reach Gooner direct by e-mailing him at: