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Skelator!Here comes the king of the cheesy grin, although since the picture on the right was taken he has at least got his figure back, the grin hasn’t changed though!!  Commonly known as ‘Dazzlin’. 

Daz is a seasoned campaigner having drunk his way through the inaugural ‘Tour du Peak’, and taken riding to another level of pain by completing the ‘Coast 2 Coast’.

Age: 27

Height: 5ft 10in

Weight: No comment

Occupation: Licensed Aircraft Engineer

Interests: Beer, the consumption of beer, pub dynamics including ‘leave it, it’s not worth it strategies’ & Luton Town FC!

Most likely to: Be naked in public (or at least a certain part of him).

Most likely not to:
Stay on his bike during the entire duration of the ride! Zero balance equals cut knees, elbows and thorns to pick out of backside!!!

Aquafresh can call me if they likeDazzlin has never proclaimed to have done ads for toothpaste but we think that this may have come from his portfolio.

Where's the bucket?Another training session, involving the legendary Don Simon wine, gone wrong.

You can reach Dazzlin direct by e-mailing him at: