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Welcome to the Rogues Gallery

NEW ADDITION - Several hundred pictures showing the pictures taken whilst on the ride.


Shown on these these pages are a variety of pictures that could make you think twice about donating!

Have fun looking at them and make your own mind up about the why and the how these pictures come about.

Also shown are a few pictures from the supporting cast of people who have either willingly or not been involved in the challenge plus a few others who have no direct link with the challenge but we know them!

If you know any of the guys involved in the challenge, and would like to add any pictures to this rogues gallery, then please e-mail to timoreardon@end2end2004.co.uk and we will endeavour to add them (depending on the vulgarity of the pictures).

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On these pages are a few pictures of when Dazzlin, Gooner and Tim had a go at the Coast 2 Coast bike ride in June 2003.  It took 3 days and went from Whitehaven on the west coast of Northern England to Tynemouth on the East coast, a total of 165 miles.

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Maybe a new bike that could be used on the challenge?